Anon Asked Vol. 1

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The questions below were sent on Free Suggestion Box completely anonymously!

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*Please note because they are anonymous, I can not ask follow up questions so there may be assumptions made. (I try not to assume, that makes an ass out of u and me)
*Also because these are written to a wider audience, the answers may include broader information.

Question: Sex drive

My husband and I are practically in a celibate marriage. We have a young child, he has a very stressful job and I am peri menopausal. We are so exhausted and just want to sleep. It goes months at a time without any physical contact. It’s so lonely and not good for our marriage. I just don’t feel like doing anything though.


So here is the thing. Life throws things at you and it makes it hard to move around day to day much less have some passionate sex on your stairwell (not recommending the stairwell! Ow). I totally get that. I have been there, I am going through something like that myself.

If you don’t feel like doing anything, how can I help? What are YOU willing to do to make your relationship the priority?

I can give you suggestions until my own ears fall off, but if there is no effort to move your relationship forward. I am at a loss. (I am in no way judging you for how you are feeling, like I have said I have so been there.)

At this point, I wouldn’t pressure yourself to get more sexy sex in.

Talk to your partner about what they need to feel loved, and what you need to feel loved. Maybe that is a video game session on the weekend. Maybe that is just mutual foot rubs. Maybe that is leaving each other post it notes. Maybe that is time away from the family for each of you.

Your relationship is your own and YOU and your partner make the rules on what you need to feel together and connected.

Question: UTIs after sex

Any advice on how to curb UTIs developed after sex… I pee before and after very rarely use products such as lube and pleasure enhancements. All toys are washed with cleaners… not sure what else I can do.


This may be a question to bring up to your doctor. I am not a medical professional. Here are some IDEAS but you should always ask your doctor for medical advice.

Sex and UTIs are pretty common. A UTI happens when bad bacteria is introduced to the urethra. For some women the urethra can be closer to the vaginal opening than others. As awesome as sex is, any time you have sex there is bacteria spreading (doesn’t help that the anus is super close by!).

Peeing before and after sex is one of the biggest tips you can give to a vulva owner to help reduce UTIs. You can also clean the vulva and anus with a warm washcloth (same direction as you would wipe, front to back and the cloth should only touch the anus once).

Drink loads and loads of water! Keeping hydrated can help you pee out the naughty bacteria.

Question: Why are you so awesome?


Awwwww Thank you!! I have plenty of people to thank for my awesomeness! It has definitely been a team effort for all this awesome.

Question: ISO next vibrator!

Here is the job description – let me know if you have any recommendations that meet this criteria =D

  • Preference for silicone composition
  • Ability to function at multiple speeds with strong stamina & power (but DOES NOT vibrate the hand into a numb state)
  • Effective clitoral stimulation – an aptitude for penetration is an asset.
  • Waterproof and USB chargeable would be an asset.

If known, include ‘where’ the candidate can be purchased and approximate $$



I will be honest here. I have my tried and true, and then a few experiences with did not works!
My fav is the We-Vibe Touch! It matches quite a bit of your criteria:

  • Soft, silky, medical silicone
  • 8 different vibrations (I really like 3, 4, and 6)
  • Powerful rumble that isn’t overly loud that lasts for 2 hours between full charges.
  • VERY effective clitorial stimulation
  • Waterproof and USB rechargeable.

That being said there are a few things it wouldn’t do for you

  • It has irritated my pregnancy carpal tunnel (it hasn’t since having the baby, but it isn’t always the best to hold with it’s small size)
  • It isn’t meant for penetration

In the We-Vibe family you may enjoy their Nova which is a dual stimulation toy (clitorial and G-spot simultaneously. However, I can not speak to the actual feel or operation of the product because I do not own one…YET!

For more reviews on sex toys, you can send me some!


here are some already amazing Sex Toy Bloggers, these women are sex toy connoisseurs!!!

Stay tuned for more!

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