Anon Asked Vol. 2

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The questions below were sent on Free Suggestion Box completely anonymously!

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*Please note because they are anonymous, I can not ask follow up questions so there may be assumptions made. (I try not to assume, that makes an ass out of u and me)
*Also because these are written to a wider audience, the answers may include broader information.

Question: Sex

My husband and I have been married 3 years and together for 7. We have 3 very busy and still young kids. Plus he works out of town often..

But honestly, the connection between us is lacking. Physical. Emotional. Psychological. sex is lacking. Passion in the actual sex more so than the actual sex. Quality not quantity right?! But I find myself desiring more. Of what? I don’t know though 🙁

And before anyone jumps to conclusions.. I’ve never strayed and nor do I plan on it.. but I’m disconnected and lonely.


I would search yourself for what you are looking for and if that something is a realistic expectation of sex and passion. For most, when our love matures the passionate flame turns to smolder instead of intense flames. This does not mean that the sex is bad or unpleasurable but there can be a disconnect from the sex we have seen in the media etc.

It can take shift in how you see your partner and how you understand how your brain and body works when it comes to sex, desire, and arousal. I also have something that can help with a RESET 😉

It can be definitely hard to be close and connected when your partner works out of town. It can also be hard to get out of mom mode when you have three young kids (I know about that all too well!)

Your partner working away can be used for both of you to see yourself and your partner as the desirable individuals you are. Outside of your partnership in the household and child rearing.

Lonely: What do you do just for you? What fills up your tank?

Connection: What used to make you and your partner giggle when you were up late? What do you look forward to when you lover comes home after working away?

Connection isn’t something that happens and then stays like that. It has to be nourished! Care and attention to connection is what keeps it going.

You got this mama!

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