Mini Break Down – Anal Play

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Why even play with your butt? Isn’t that gross? That’s where you POOP!

1) There is nothing wrong with butt stuff. It also doesn’t reflect anything about sexual orientation or if there is something wrong with you up stairs. It is NORMAL.
2) It may be more popular now, but it is totally okay to NOT be into butt stuff too. Your body, your rules.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There is a safe and many more unsafe ways to enjoy playing with your butt, or playing with your partners butt. (if you are using toys, make sure the toys have a flared base. Or you risk losing, yes LOSING, the toy in your butt!)
The biggest tip for anal anything is LUBE. Spit is not going to cut it for this job. Not using lube can cause discomfort and possibly tearing. You don’t need that for your butt! I know many people who have concocted their own mix of lubes for inside and outside of the anus. Using an internal (or female) condom can also keep lube where it needs to be!)

Another thing you need for a night of anal is FOREPLAY. You need to be aroused, relaxed, and consenting. If you are nervous, your body tightens up!

Especially if you have never done anal before and it always feels nice to take your time even if you have plenty of experience.

Anal sex or butt play, is not something I recommend for spur of the moment exploration if you have never done anything of the sort before.
You and your partner need to be comfortable with what you are about to do. Make sure you have lube, condoms, clothes, etc near by so there are there when you need them.

More resources and opinions about Anal Play and Butt Stuff (Please note that some sites may be NSFW):

Thank you to those participating in the #summer100 Sex Blogger Challenge for your great content!
Here is a great video about Anal Play With Patricia a great friend of Euphoric Epiphany (It was a Facebook live Butt Play event!)


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