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Review on the Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara


As soon as I heard I was going to receive this product I knew I wanted to have fun with it! I asked my followers on a number of different platforms what should I do to make this review interesting. What would a fun way to show off mascara be. One suggestion definitely stood out: dunk your head into a bucket of water.

So when I received the product I did just that! Here is a video of my experience!


So here is my review:

My first impression of the product what that the packaging was very easy to hold. I know that can seem odd but if you use mascara on the daily you want something that is comfortable and easy to hold. I am assuming!

As I was putting on the product I notice the brush and how my lashes roll didn’t quite work together. I have fairly thick lashes and the thick brush only got to some of my lashes. It dries very quickly, which made it hard to put on additional layers without having some clumps.

It did give my lashes a lengthened look!

So when it did come to testing the mascara by dipping my head in a bucket, it did hold up to it’s claim it was water resistant (not waterproof, they didn’t claim that). I did get goopy clumps that came off of my lashes but it never resulted in racooning!

I also am one of those horrible people that sometimes, okay most times, that forgets to wash make up off of their face before they go to bed. Usually the morning after the mascara has made me look like a ghost with dark circles all around my eyes. This mascara however did not leave me mascara anywhere BUT my lashes. Which I truly believe is a bonus, especially if I leave the house before looking at myself in the mirror!

**Please note that this product was sent to me for FREE through a partnership between Influenster and Revlon**

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