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Firstly, I am not an expert in Polyamory or Non Monogamy. I am as monogamous as they come! That doesn’t mean that I don’t see those who participate in non monogamy as an inferior relationship. I do know that a lot of people do, I would like to put an end to that and have more understand for relationships that may not look like ours.

What is Polyamory aka Non Monogamy?

From the greek word for many, several, and from the latin word for Love.
Poly = Many loves
Here is a definition from our friends at
Polyamory refers to a relationship with multiple mutually consenting sexual partners. However, being polyamorous is not so much about sex as it is about loving more than just one person in a romantic way. Being a person who aligns more with polyamory does not mean that that person is a cheater, or just “making an excuse” to engage in casual sex outside of the primary relationship.
There is no one way to be polyamorous. As long as ALL participants are consenting adults, you can make it work. It may look weird from the outside, but all relationships build their own boundaries and rules. Poly or not.
Jealously still exists in these relationships and they exist in monogamous relationships too. However, in monogamous relationships it is seen as a token of love to be jealous, when it reality jealously can be extremely toxic in a relationship and needs to be worked through.

Now that we know Polyamory isn’t bad or scary.

We need to know that it is NOT for everyone. THAT IS OKAY. I believe that anything, between two or more consenting adults and no one is harmed, is A okay.
That being said not everything is A okay for everyone. Some people have no desire to have sex what so ever, and there is noting wrong or broken about them. (Asexuals)

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