My Thoughts on Teen Vogue and Anal Sex

I will just first off say I am not going to burn this magazine! I am very proud of Teen Vogue and the topics that it has published as of late (well the political ones, I could give two toots about the Kardashians).

Let’s Get into The Article

The article (although missing a clitorious!) starts out with a link to a previous article of popular sex questions of 2015. Questions that seem like that are from young people who have an educational system that has truly failed them.

I am in Canada, so I think I faired better than my southern neighbours in the sex ed department. Still my education was heteronormative (all about that P into V), and from what I could tell boys really liked it and girls should say no. (That last one will have to be a post all on it’s own)

If you’re not comfortable reading about anal sex, that’s perfectly OK, too. We have plenty of other articles around a variety of issues and wellness. Feel free to click out if you’d like! No pressure at all.

Sentiment is the same here! No pressure to read this at all, and if you do read it take what you need (just not out of context!)

The article goes on to describe why they might write this article. It points out how strongly the sex education we have in schools does not incorporate the LGBT community or other wise inquisitive teen.

Anal sex is still stigmatized today, though it is becoming more popular (and I HOPE for the RIGHT reasons*) Quite a bit of that stigmatization is coming from homophobia. Which is also why there is not a lot of comprehensive sex education in schools dedicated to include those who do fly under the LGBTQIA2+ flag!

I also want to point out that the article first dives into those who have a prostate generally feel MORE pleasure when they participate in being penetrated anally and those who do not have a prostate may still enjoy the anus being stimulated and may enjoy a feeling of fullness.

MANY articles that are against this article feel that this article is JUST grooming girls to enjoy anal, but I believe it’s so anyone who is interested in anal sex can enjoy it to the fullest. I do understand that there seems to definitely be an up tick in pressuring girls and women to like anal sex. (For that I would blame mainstream and free porn).Teen Vogue has generally been see as a “girl’s” magazine, but what I have seen and what I have enjoyed is that this is changing.

This article is SO MUCH BETTER than porn (for educational purposes). And one of the reasons why I don’t trust teenage boys (not entirely their fault). Studies have shown that even though teenagers know porn is “fake” their education about sexual pleasure comes mostly from PORN. Anal sex is like NOTHING in porn and there is no prep what so ever. That can be dangerous for a bum!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE ANAL SEX! The vast majority of people HAVE an anus, but you do not have to enjoy playing with it. Doesn’t matter who you are! You are not weird, lame, prudish etc if you do not want anything to touch your anus.

Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable, and it can also be extremely dangerous! That is why I am definitely FOR this article being out there and being targeted at teens. Anal sex is not a loop hole for losing your virginity. You do not get to opt out of consequences and you are definitely considered sexually active.

“Enthusiastic consent is necessary for both parties to enjoy the experience.”

ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT this  SO SO SO important in almost every aspect of our lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are asking consent to engage in anal play, vaginal penetration, showing your privates off, or even venting about your day. You should ALWAYS ask for consent!

I do not agree with scare tactics in sex education, BUT the seriousness that needs to be placed on anal sex needs to be highlighted. The anus, sphincters, and rectum are not built like a vagina! It can tear more easily. There is a significant risk of infections or diseases with anal sex if done improperly. I am not saying this to scare anyone, but just because you can not get pregnant from anal sex, does not mean it is void of all consequences.

Readings of interest:

(and no I will not be linking to the magazine burner, and not just over that particular video)

*The RIGHT reason being that is feels good, not that it is because anyone feels pressured to get in on it.

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  1. Megan says:

    Victoria- glad you addressed this as I was blown away by that ladies twitter video. I definitely support teen vogue for this one. We will discuss this on our next podcast intro as well

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