Anon Asked Vol. 3 – That one about Lube

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The questions below were sent on Free Suggestion Box completely anonymously!

Send in your own questions, comments, and suggestions:

*Please note because they are anonymous, I can not ask follow up questions so there may be assumptions made. (I try not to assume, that makes an ass out of u and me)
*Also because these are written to a wider audience, the answers may include broader information.

Some one wrote the ANON box asking about LUBE:

“I am a mother in my early thirties and I am struggling with vaginal dryness during sex. During oral I am wet, but once I finish and we switch to intercourse, I dry up very quickly. This makes me feel very self conscious, and I feel like having to pull out a bottle of lube all the time will take some of the sexiness out of it. Any suggestions?”

Here is my snap judgement answer. I only know the details from this post (so language may be cis and heteronormative), so if anything I say doesn’t work for the person who asked this question or just someone who is reading the answer, you don’t have to use my suggestions!

This might be the post it is getting longer than I originally wanted it too haha

Luuuuuube! Lube is awesome and can benefit quite a few encounters regardless if the person that is using it is dealing with dryness.

1) Vaginal dryness can change throughout life and in general is sups normal.

Even from time to time our minds can be SUPER turned on, but our vagina doesn’t reflect that. And vice versa. Totally normal! Listen and trust your MIND, that is what lets you know if you are turned on or not.

Pay attention though, if you feel like the dryness is a symptom of something else definitely see your doc. Dryness by itself isn’t an alarm. Giving birth, breastfeeding, even your cycle can be normal changes to how wet you get.

2) Saliva is one of the worst lubes out there. It can work okay for better oral sex because you are making more of it to reapply. So when you are switch from oral to vaginal penetration you are not getting much benefit from saliva.

3) Having sex that all partners find enjoyable is sexy, if that means bringing out the 1L jug and slathering your bits then that is sexy. Have it close by, maybe up so kids can’t grab it, so when you see it, it can give you a nice memory of the last time you were intimate with your partner!

4) Make sure the lube you get is safe for genitals and is compatible with the birth control you are using (and toys if you are playing with them as well). You may have to try a few!

Here is a HUGE AMAZING LUBE GUIDE from Dangerous Lily!

From her site: INGREDIENTS TO AVOID: Glycerin(e), Propylene Glycol, Nonoxynol 9, Chlorhexedine Gluconate, Petroleum Oils, Polyquaternium-15, Benzocaine, Sugars & Sugar Alcohols, Ureas

Some other great articles about LUBE (with suggestions and possible affliate links)

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