Anon Asked Vol. 5 – What about POOP?

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I know about prepping for anal sex but how do you time it so you are still ready whenever he is???

Update: Thank you for you answer on my previous question but what I was trying to understand is:
A – I prep for anal sex, knowing ahead of time we’re going to do it, but how can I be sure there will be no mess
B – how do I handle the situation if there is one(a mess)


I had an anon question about how to be ready for anal sex when ever their partner is (they told me they know how to prep for anal). So I am assuming they want to do anal with out all the prep.

This is entirely on your internal sphincter, your comfort level, experience etc.

The prep is for the person on the receiving end. It is up to THAT person to decide how much prep they need. That prep should never be treated as a burden, anal sex if done too rough, too fast, etc can cause injury.

If your partner wants a little butt stuff, they can tell you ahead of time, and if you agree to the butt stuff. You can prepare how you need too (generally just a shower will do, and maybe avoid going out for Chinese or Mexican food.)

As for just getting it done, it’s possible to do without pain, but again totally depends on comfort and how well trained your internal sphincter is for wrong way traffic. It may also benefit the receiver to have an orgasm (or two) a non butt way to relax and get the blood flowing.

And as always LUBE LUBE LUBE


How to avoid POOP!

I feel you, this is a big fear a lot of people have with anal sex. You poop from your butt, absolutely there is always a chance of fecal matter joining the party uninvited (visual poop or not there is bacteria so be mindful that anything that touches your butt is CLEANED before touching anything else).

Now lets visualize your internal body. From the outside you have your anus, then about 1-2 inches in you have an internal sphincter, then about 6in of rectum before you hit another sphincter. No poop is stored in that rectum, if poop is in there you get that feeling of “I gotta go #2”. It’s not a completely flat surface, so there may be some left after deification hiding in the folds.

I always recommend a condom (or glove) for whatever is doing the penetration. An internal condom (female condom) can be used and also works to actually hold lube in place. You can remove the ring if that is more comfortable.

Some people opt for an enema, there are many options there, but are generally considered more than you really need.

At the end of the day, sometimes shit just happens. When it does, take a shower! And laugh it off as soon as you can.

Does anyone have other Anal play tips? Please leave them in the comment below!

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