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What the Program Aims For

This program aims to take sex from “uuugh, okay” to “yes!”.

This program aims to take sex from Chore, to something you have input in and enjoy!

This program aims to take sex from something that feels only physical, to an act that is emotionally intimate and energizing.

This program aims to see your body not as an enemy, but the vessel in which you experience pleasure.

This program aims to take more stress out, and more relaxation in.

What Sex Education Didn't Teach

Women: Pleasure, Arousal, Desire, Energy

Relationship: Expectations, Realities, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution

Self: Love, Esteem, Worth, Care

and most importantly how you feel and act on all of these things.

Are you Ready to

  • Look forward to sex?
  • Understand your wants and needs?
  • Have a toolbox of communication skills for all relationships?
  • Have more energy in your day to day?
  • Feel comfortable in the body you have now?

Is This You?

You are a mom.

Do you struggle with accepting the changes pregnancy and birth have gifted your body?
Do you find yourself sighing and shrugging when your partner initiates sex?
Does the ache for more sleep get in the way of being intimate with your partner?
Do you feel like roommates that raise kids together instead of a romantic couple?


Is This You?

You are ready to put the effort in.
You are seeking personal growth.
You want to strengthen your relationship with love, sex, and spirituality.
You are open to new thoughts, feelings, and actions.
You are ready to put your pleasure first.

This Sex Reset is for the mom who is ready to commit to becoming a happier and sexier version of herself!

The Sex Reset Starts again on September 25th (1)


  • Get to know your personal sexual temperament.
  • Figure out what is holding you back from pleasure.
  • Understand differences between arousal and desire (and how you need one before the other).
  • Get back to basics with biology and chemistry.


  • Learn to be okay with your body as it is right now.
  • Reflect on negative thoughts about sex and sexuality and work to release them.
  • Believe in your vulva, yoni, and womb as powerful aspects of your being.
  • Learn to appreciate and enjoy your own initiation and taking rejection gracefully.


  • Learn how to communicate during sex to enhance your pleasure
  • Learn when to communicate in the bedroom and when to communicate outside of the bedroom.
  • Conflict resolution techniques that result in a stronger relationship.
  • Connection practices for intimacy in and out of the bedroom.


  • Techniques, tips, and trick to try in the bedroom.
  • eBooks included for FREE: Oral sex, Manual stimulation, Anal sex, Positions, and more!
  • Exploring kink in a safe way, etiquette, and small kinky things you can incorporate today.


  • See sex as something more than a physical activity.
  • Look beyond “release” into creation of energy for your everyday.
  • Learn exercises and practises to bring orgasmic into more than just the orgasm.


  • Youtube video recommendations
  • Guest Expert PDFs
  • Erotica
  • and more!
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Audios, voiced by Victoria, compliment the written text to support different learning styles.


Throughout the Program you will have homework. Fun, explorative, and introspective homework that helps you process what you are learning.


Victoria is just a Social Media Message or Email away! Those who enroll in the Sex Reset Signature Program get LIFETIME priority email and messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

The course was beneficial in opening my eyes and providing a warm and welcoming environment to have conversations about some otherwise difficult or awkward topics. - Jessica G.

The Signature Program helped me look at sex in a different light. - Nikki C.

I would recommend this course to anyone really. There is so much info and knowledge in this course, even the most versed in this subject can take something from it. - Jenny W.

I took this course for a deeper understanding of my sexual self. It did not disappoint! - Patricia O.

My goal in this course was to return to the sexual person I used to be. As with most goals, there is still a ways to go, but it was great to openly and comfortably discuss all facets of my situation with [Victoria]. -Tiffany D.

Still not sure if this course is for you?

Do not hesitate! Call, email, or message me with any questions you may have.